Friday, October 26, 2007

Some Interesting Reads Around The Web - Transformers HD DVD

  • The Washington Times has an article that covers the HD DVD-exclusive features found on the Transformers HD DVD, calling the 2-disc HD DVD set a "technologically advanced two-disc wonder that Optimus Prime would appreciate".

  • The screenshots of Transformers 2-disc HD DVD with the HD DVD-exclusive features in action are provided below... Many thanks to 'piturra' - a forum poster on AV Science and HD DVD Format Discussion forums - for taking the time and effort to produce these screenshots. You can view the rest of them on this thread in the HD DVD Format Forum. More screenshots taken by other posters on the AV Science Forum can be found on this thread. In my opinion, the discs are on the whole absolutely awesome! To me, it certainly is more than meets the eye...

Release Dates for Transformers (2007) HD DVD:

  • Australia - November 1
  • Germany - December 10
  • Japan - December 19
  • Netherlands - December 13
  • North America - October 16
  • United Kingdom - December 3

Please note that the screenshots/images of the Transformers HD DVD are reproduced here on this blog for informational purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

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