Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Major Updates from Toshiba's press release...

Highlights include Toshiba's decision to maintain permanently, from July 1, the earlier promotional pricing for HD-A2 (at $299 SRP) and HD-A20 (at $399 SRP) and Toshiba's announcement to add support for 1080p/24fps video output on HD-A20 & HD-XA2 for film content via September's firmware update. Lastly, Toshiba's HD DVD players garnering 70% share of all high definition set-top players during the promotional period in May/June.

Toshiba on their HD DVD Players' Web-Enabled Network Capabilities
  • Using the Ethernet ports found on all Toshiba HD DVD players, and the currently available firmware update, once connected to the network, users can download bonus features, as available, from a movie studio's server. This data is then saved in the player's persistent storage and can be accessed by the user. In addition to downloading new bonus features, some HD DVD discs may even include locked prerecorded content which can be unlocked with a downloadable key from the studio's online server

    In addition to downloading content, HD DVD users also have the ability to upload content and interact with content providers. For example, with the award winning title, "Blood Diamond" from Warner Home Video, users can participate in interactive polls. After providing feedback, results are delivered back to users via the HD DVD player.

Toshiba Announces 24p Output

  • Coming in early September, Toshiba will add an enhanced performance function to its HD-XA2 and HD-A20 HD DVD players by offering the capability for users to update the firmware of their players allowing playback of film content in 1080p/24 frames per second, or 24p. Movie films are traditionally captured at 24 frames per second and Toshiba's HD DVD players will be able to maintain this frame rate allowing consumers to enjoy movies in their native form.

    Mandatory to the HD DVD format, every Toshiba player is equipped with an Ethernet port. In addition to the capability to access web enabled content, this also allows HD DVD owners to conveniently update the firmware of their players with new features and performance improvements.

Movie Aficionados Adopt HD DVD as the Next High Definition Format of Choice - The Numbers Speak for Themselves.

  • Responding to recent promotions as well as the industry growth of HDTV, the market adoption of HD DVD increased significantly in the past 2 months garnering Toshiba with approximately 70 percent share of all high definition set-top players, both HD DVD and Blu-ray, in both April and May according to NPD.

The full press release available here.



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