Monday, April 30, 2007

Hewlett-Packard Makes Its Asian Debut of Home PCs with HD DVD-ROM Drives

HP, the No. 1 PC Vendor globally, has unveiled Hong Kong's first Home PC Series with high-definition digital optical drive - HP Pavilion m-Series Home PC, which is the most powerful in HP Home PC family. It not only possesses strong features with outstanding performance, but also stylish black chassis design, making it a perfect choice for consumers looking for superb digital entertainment.

Industry's first Home PC with HD-DVD ROM

HP Pavilion m-Series Home PC is equipped with high-definition optical drive, its high-resolution disc has three times more capacity than a normal DVD disc, with up to 15GB storage, which is adequate for storing new generation high-definition TV program and movie. Its resolution is up to 1080p, six times more than traditional DVD, bringing more detailed, vivid and real-life movie-like video performance.

For more details, check out HP's press release.



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