Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Poseidon due on HD DVD soon and a few other news

[July 10, 2006] Originally posted
[July 11, 2006] Poseidon HD DVD release date revised

Poseidon (2006) will be sailing on HD DVD soon. The original August 22 date was based on details from press publicity sources but information from distributor sources indicate the December 5 date. Again, until Warner Home Video has released a more confirmed/consistent press statement, the date will not be confirmed here but I think we can expect this HD DVD title to be released before the year ends.

My HD DVD release list has been updated with all the latest release news.

Major DVD previews at Comic-Con 2006 includes Universal Studios Home Entertainment's upcoming King Kong Deluxe Extended DVD. Official news of the HD DVD release may not be far away afterall considering the DVD is already being planned for the year... Click here for other DVD previews listed for the event


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