Tuesday, January 10, 2006

CES 2006 Images from HD-DVD Booth

This is the screenshot I like to see most: HD DVD mandatory managed copy. Imagine streaming your content to anywhere in your home or transfer it to a portable device (handphone, compatible mobile devices, without having to purchase an extra disc like UMD for PlayStation Portable.) Blu-ray Disc Association is still struggling with finalising the managed copy specifications for its format due to the mandatory BD+ or SPDC copy protection mechanism on top of AACS copy protection already used in both Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Not that I'm a HD DVD convert yet, but I feel that too many DVD and Home Theatre sites are giving Sony and Blu-ray Disc too much compliments, consumers may be misled by these compliments. As such for this format battle, I believe in full disclosure of information and possible consumer experiences about either formats instead of overly criticising or complimenting these formats.

It was hard to find screenshots which HD DVD demo as quite a number of sites are giving Blu-ray more coverage than its due for so early in the introductory stage.

More of the above screen shots on demonstrating HD DVD players and iHD in action (using "The Bourne Supremacy" HD DVD) are available for viewing at this page.


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